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KBK modular crane system. Control pendants and wireless control systems. KBK modular crane system. KBK single-girder suspension cranes. KBK double-girder suspension cranes. KBK overhung and extending cranes. Pillar and wall-mounted slewing jibs. KBK freestanding workstation cranes. Demag Bas Crane Kits. D-SH SpeedHoist rope winch.
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Machine Tool Inspections and Measurements. US Canada Job Openings. Konecranes as an Employer. Online Annual Report 2014. Konecranes as an Investment. Reports and Result Presentations.
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Gantry-style overhead crane at the Skanska precast concrete factory in Hjärup. Overhead cranes of the Hainaut carries in Soignies Belgium. An overhead crane commonly called a bridge crane is a type of crane found in industrial environments. An overhead crane consists of parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap. A hoist the lifting component of a crane travels along the bridge. If the bridge is rigidly supported on two or more legs running on a fixed rail at ground level the crane is called a gantry crane USA ASME B30 series or a goliath crane UK BS 466.
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Advantages of Spanco Workstation Bridge Cranes. Eliminate manual lifting empower a single worker to move loads from workstation to workstation. Supplement or replace multiple jib cranes and/or forklifts. Free-up your existing overhead crane for larger loads use your Spanco Freestanding Workstation Bridge Crane to quickly move loads up to two tons.
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Other Material Handling Products. Request a Price Quote for a bridge crane gantry crane monorail or custom crane. A bridge crane runs on an elevated runway system along the length of a factory and provides three axis of hook motion X Y and Z. The hoist moves the load up and down the trolley moves the load right and left and the bridge of the crane moves the load forward and backward. Both single and double girder overhead traveling bridge crane designs allow very precise hook positioning and gentle load placement. Double girder cranes typically provide better hook height but single girder cranes offer other advantages depending on your application.
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They are highly suitable where the crane needs to be fitted with walkways crane lights cabs magnet cable reels or other special equipment.EMH is capable of building cranes for loads up to 500 tons. SINGLE GIRDER UNDER RUNNING. EMH offers a broad range of under running cranes in standard capacities up to 10 tons. Special configurations can be designed to accommodate up to 25 tons and over 60 ft. spans.Underhung cranes offer excellent side approaches close headroom and can be supported on runways hung from existing building members if adequate.
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Please feel free to browse our website. Our goal is to provide the most informative site about Overhead Bridge Cranes anywhere on the web. Dearborn Crane Features Top Running Bridge Cranes and Under Running Under Hung Bridge Cranes. Top Running Bridge Cranes. Single Girder Bridge Crane. Up to 10 Ton Capacity. Up to 120 Feet Span. Double Girder Bridge Crane. Up to 300 Ton Capacity. Up to 200 Feet Span. Under Running Under Hung Bridge Cranes. Single Girder Bridge Crane. Up to 10 Ton Capacity. Up to 200 Feet Span Multi-Runway Cranes. Double Girder Bridge Crane. Up to 15 Ton Capacity. Up to 200 Feet Span Multi-Runway Cranes.
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Free Standing Bridge Crane System NOMAD. The NOMAD Free Standing Crane System is a perfect solution for situations where overhead crane installation is otherwise difficult or impractical. Because the runways are usually installed above the floor without footers NOMAD Cranes work well in pre-cast concrete buildings.Since all connections are bolted rather than welded the NOMAD is easily dismantled and moved to another location an advantage when used in a leased building. The NOMAD free standing cranes low headroom design maximizes lift when headroom is at a premium. Key features and benefits of NOMAD systems.
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end carriages with horizontal guide rollers to accomodate unique runway requirements. limit switches or slack rope relays protect the hoist and load from damage. zone control system prevents collisions with obstacles along the trolley and bridge travel paths. anti-collision protection and crane distance controls ensure the safe operation of several cranes on one runway. cranes can be fitted with two trolleys with simultaneous/independent control for handling of long and non-standard loads. Demag universal cranes Performance and efficiency at the highest level PDF 2.7 MB. Technical data PDF 396.8 KB. EKKE single-girder overhead traveling cranes up to 15 tons. EDKE single-girder suspension cranes up to 10 tons. EKDE single-girder suspension cranes up to 8 tons. ZKKE double-girder overhead traveling cranes.

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